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Can your Skin Type change over time?

Yes, your skin type can change over time depending upon numerous factors such as your skin’s pH balance, skin hydration, oil secretion and sensitivity.

Factors that affect these changes include change in location, hormones, age, using the wrong skin products over time, weather changes and medications.

As a teenager and going well into my twenties I had normal skin with no acne. But as I crossed 25, my skin started catching up with my lifestyle. It started looking dull and I started getting more frequent acne. This was all because I was not taking care of my skin, using face scrubs too often and my smoking lifestyle.

According to experts you are born with your skin type be it dry, normal, combination or oily.

They go on to explain that your skin becomes drier as you age since your sebaceous glands produce less oil. Mostly age is the factor to have an impact on you skin type (although it is very slow over time) expert says that internal and external factors can affect your skin type . So here are the main factors that could cause your skin type to fluctuate

1. Climate/Seasonal Changes

Different skin types react differently to weather changes. Experts explain that when your skin is exposed to drier climates those with dry skin will finds their skin more dry than normal and those with oily skin will actually welcome this since it balances out the skin.

It is also important to try to avoid extreme heating or cooling in order to keep your skin better balanced.

2. External Environmental Damage

External factors such as allergens, pollution and sun exposure can also affect your skin condition. Sun exposure and UV damage can led to premature aging.

3. Hormonal Changes

Changes in the level of your hormones can also lead to changes in your skin condition. Menstruation, birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause are factors that could lead to changes in skin conditions.

4. Medication

Certain types of medication can lead to changes in your skin condition. If you notice any changes make sure to also check in with your dermatologist.

5. Nutrition

It is important to eat right, drink lots of water, have less coffee and less alcohol can to avoid changes in your skin condition.

6. Lifestyle

Internal factors such as your stress levels, how much sleep you get, not exercising and smoking can lead to changing skin conditions.

So, even though you can't control your skin type, at least you have some control over your skin condition.

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II DISCLAIMER: Every skin is different, not everything works for everybody. I recommend you test the product before completely using any new product. II


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