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Skin Care Routines: The Correct Order to Apply Products

It is important to apply skin care products in the correct order, this is also indicated by many skin care expert. So what order should one apply products and does it matter? Well, to start with it definitely matter!!

Does Sequence really matter?

As per a board-certified dermatologists, when you apply your skin care products in the correct order, your skin receives the full benefit of the product.  

The order of skin product application is incredibly important since your skin focuses on keeping things out and you want the ingredients you use to penetrate your skin and work its magic. Unfortunately only a small amount of key ingredients can penetrate your skin, even if the formulation is perfect. So to get the best results you need to apply it in the right order else you will not see the results you desire.

So whats the order: Here is a step by step Guide

So, which product should you start with and end with, you ask? An easy rule of thumb is to apply the product with the thinnest formulation or consistency followed by the thickest, so first your liquids then your creams. Think, thin to thick. Also you first want to use products that are most important to you skin like treatment serums. It is important that these products penetrate your skin easily for it to work and then finish with products that need to be on your skin such as moisturizers.

Given below is a step by step guide on the order of application.

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II DISCLAIMER: Every skin is different, not everything works for everybody. I recommend you test the product before completely using any new product. II


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