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Delivery Policy 

We work with a wide range of suppliers around the world to source high-quality products. Our products are shipped within one to three days of receiving an order. It can take between 4-15 days for items to arrive (depending on where you live in the world).

We deliver products to countries around the world including the UAE and it will be delivered by a third party courier.

Delivery within the UAE will take 4-7 days and 4-15 days for countries in other parts of the world. To avoid any delivery delay please provide your full address along with your contact information.


Once you place your order we will also share a follow up mail letting you know your item has been shipped. The mail may include a tracking number that will allow you to see where your product is at all times or a date letting you know that your order will be delivered by the said date. Our products come directly from our manufacturer giving you the best price saving and quality assurance.

There are no additional delivery charges. The delivery is free of cost. 


Once you have made the payment. You will receive a confirmation mail with the payment receipt from our website and an SMS from your bank stating that payment has been delivered to Kayes Beauty Portal. 

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