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Electric Facial Dead Skin Scrubber

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1.Deep ultrasonic cleaning of pores

2. Positive ions lead to removal of dirt and negative ions help in absorption of skin care products

3. EMS micro-current stimulation to help rejuvenate the skin


Voltage: DC 5V

Battery capacity: 550mAh

Rated power: 2W

Product material: ABS

Product size: 46x16x172mm

Net weight: 86g

Continuous use time: 60 minutes

Charging time: 2H

Ultrasonic vibration 24000Hz per second: The water is atomized by ultrasonic vibration, and the pores and dirt are shaken into "small particles" without harming the skin

Directions for use:

Step 1 : Cleansing using ultrasonic cleansing mode (use with facial cleanser / face wash )

- Wet face with warm water and apply facial cleanser / face wash. Rub the face wash on your skin till it foams

- Switch on the device. Press the start button for 10-15 seconds to power on. It switches on to the cleaning mode.

- Keep the shovel face inward and move it in a downward motion. Do this until all the foam on your face is removed

Step 2 : Deep cleansing positive ion mode ( ION+ ) ( use with toner / lotion )

- Apply toner/lotion on your face

- Press the start button again to select ION+ mode .

- Keep the shovel face inward and move it in an upward motion.

Step 3 : Nutrition with negative ion mode ( use with essence / cream / masks )

- Apply essence / cream / masks to your face and select ION- mode .

- Keep the shovel face outward and move in an upward direction

Package Includes:

1 x Facial Ultrasonic Shovel

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

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