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IPL Hair Removal Device

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Product Details

Product Features

  • Energy Gear: 8 Gears
  • Number of pulses: 600000 pulses
  • Product power: 36W
  • Rated input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
  • Product Voltage: 12V/3A

It uses IPL technology to remove hair.

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a form of light therapy which uses different light wave lengths that scatter across your skin at different depths and that is how it reaches the different hair follicles deep down.

IPL is also used for other different treatments. It helps reduce pigmentation, wrinkles, blemishes and of course hair.

IPL is different from a laser hair removal device. Laser hair removal devices are used in Med Spas and Derm Clinics that focus on small skin areas. It is a small controlled area of skin that laser hair removal devices focuses on. While IPL uses broad spectrum of visible lights at different wave lengths which covers a lot more area of skin vs laser hair removal which covers a smaller area. Which makes it safe and easy to use at hope and saves a lot more money.

Advantages of IPL hair removal device

  • It is a less painful method of hair removal
  • One main advantage is that it is very through in removing hair. The different light wave lengths penetrate deep into the skin and act on deep hair follicles to effectively remove it
  • IPL hair removal does not damage the epidermis
  • Hair removal is quick and easy

Usage method:

  1. Prep your skin: Remove hair in the area you plan on using it by shaving off the hair first. If you have light hair then waxing is better. Skin should be clean and dry when using the product. You can use the product immediately after shaving and wiping your skin. It can be used directly on the skin without the need of any additional gels or creams.
  2. Switch on the product: Plug in the product to the power supply. Choose the gear you want to use. It is recommended to start with a low-grade gear and then gradually move on to a higher gear. After the power indicator flashes, press the launch button to start. You have the option of choosing a manual or automatic mode. Use the automatic mode for a larger skin area like your legs and arms and glide it through your skin. While for small areas like you face, under arms and neck use manual mode and lightly press it on to your skin.
  3. Product is working: You will see flashes of light as soon as the product touches your skin. This indicates that the product has started working. If you are using it on a larger skin area with automatic mode then keep gliding it up and down your skin. You will feel a warm sensation as you glide it over your skin. This is normal. Don’t keep it in one area of your skin for too long.
  4. To switch off: Press the launch button for switching it off. You will have to keep it pressed till the light turn off.
  5. Frequency of usage: For the product to be effective you should use it once a week

Package includes:

1 Hair removal device

1 Adaptor

1 Manual

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