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Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum

I have used this product for 4 months – 1 bottle 75ml. Which is sufficient time to make an opinion…

I bought this product because I desperately wanted to get rid of my acne scars. I used it every day after my cleanser. I would just use a drop, because of how expensive it is. It would glide onto my skin really well and made my pores seem smaller.

Overall the product does somewhat do the job of getting rid of acne scars and prevents future acne, since it contains 0.5% salicylic acid, which doesn't go well with my sensitive skin but the percentage is quite low so it was fine. It does not completely remove acne scars but somewhat makes it lighter. It takes about 3 weeks to show its effects and if you have dry skin like me then it will make your skin drier. So make sure you use a good moisturizer after this. The product is not worth the hype or the money. But then again it is Estee Lauder, you can’t help but feel good to own one!

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