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The 4 Biggest Skincare Trends to watch out for in 2022

Ok, so before we dive into this topic lets understand one thing very clearly - The best skincare products are the ones that suit your skin and help give it a natural glow. But we know that it’s still fun to experiment with new products and ingredients or switching your routine with buzzy brands or switching it to brands that you see on Tik Tok or Instagram.

While we can’t predict the future, as beauty writers who are constantly on the look-out for new launches and products, we can forecast the upcoming trends of 2022 and help break them down into trends to watch out for or if it’s just a marketing gimmick.

So, here are the four biggest trends that could dominate the skincare industry this year.

1. Microdosing

This refers to dropping a minute amount of different types of acid such as Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid, etc with other active ingredients like Vitamin C, Retinol in skincare products. This is a way for taking minimal amount of drugs that will help avoid major side effects.

Anything in excess can be irritating for the skin even if it is in a wash off product, even over-exfoliating or using too much of Retinol can be damaging for your skin.

You may think that the concentration is so low, so will it deliver good results? Well, the short answer is that in order for skincare ingredient to give their best, we need to use them in their ideal amount, not too high and not too low.

One such example includes Kiehl’s Micro-Dose Anti-Aging Serum which contains retinol with Ceramides and Peptides.

2. Refillable Packaging

Did you know that in the US alone there were almost 7.9 billion units of plastic that was contributed by beauty and personal care products in 2018.Shocking, yes! So, it’s safe to say that the beauty industry does have a plastic problem. While the whole ‘zero-waste products’ concept is non-effective method. The best way is to cut down the volumes of plastic used in skincare routines. With more and more people including more products in their skincare routine this is the best way forward to reduce plastic waste. And the best way to reduce plastic is refillable packaging. Plus, it’s great to see more and more brands adopt this.

The most recent brand to do so is Dove, with it refillable shampoo packaging. Also other smaller brands like Pharrell’s Humanrace has a replaceable inner unit for its green Humidifying Cream. Youth to the People is another such brand that offers glass bottles and jars instead of plastic. There are many other such brands that are also following suit. Needless to say this is a trend that will become bigger in 2022.

3. Fermented Skincare

Fermented ingredients are becoming hugely popular as it offers a ton of benefits for your skin. In fact there are many studies that have associated fermented products with anti-ageing benefits such as reducing wrinkles, reducing inflammation.

The reason for fermented ingredients becoming popular is because it uses natural process to enhance efficacy and penetration without irritating the skin. While detailed research needs to be done, there are still some studies showing the benefits of using fermented ingredients in skincare.

Here are some of our favorite products from this trend Fresh Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence with fermented ingredients. And Innisfree’s Firming Energy Cream infused with fermented soybean that gives you soft and supple skin.

4. Skin barrier protection

Skin barrier protection will continue to be a hot topic in 2022 and the following years. With more and more people getting to know the benefits of active ingredients, resulting in more and more people using active ingredients but not knowing how to use it; resulting in irritated and damaged skin barriers. Thus, leading to products with barrier repair inbuilt into the formula, as well as lower dose products.

Before we dive into this topic more lets first understand what skin barrier is and why is it important to invest in products that have this function.

Skin barriers products are products that help strengthen and support the skin layer which helps our skin keep the good stuff in like moisture and the bad stuff out like pollutants and dust. When the skin barrier is damaged your skin shows signs through dryness, flakiness, sensitivity, redness and burning sensation which if not treated in time can make it worse and lead to breakouts.

In fact when your skin barrier is damaged it becomes hard to use products, especially the ones with retinol or acids. Hence it is important to use skincare products that help improve the health of your overall skin, leading to happy skin that is tolerant to skincare products.

When buying skin barrier products look out for products with Ceramides and Fatty Acids. Additionally look for products with skin microbiome, products with prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics are the ones you want to be buying. Niacinamide is another such ingredient that is beneficial to the skin barrier in terms of soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. It is extremely helpful for individuals with sensitive skin.

One of our top recommendations for skin barrier products is Skinfix Barrier + Triple Lipid – Peptide Face Cream. It is an amazing products that absorbs immediately into the skin without leaving any residue.

Kaye's Beauty Book is here to help you choose better products that suit your skin, hair and lifestyle. All of the products mentioned are carefully researched and selected to ensure that the most credible information comes to you. If you do buy a product from one of our links, Kaye's Beauty Book may earn a commission.

II DISCLAIMER: Every skin is different, not everything works for everybody. I recommend you test the product before completely using any new product. II


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