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How To Balance the pH Of Your Hair For A Healthy Look

Tried everything for your hair… different hair care products, salon treatments and home remedies to get perfect looking hair, only to end up not getting it. Then what you need to do is understand your hair’s pH level.

Understanding the pH of your hair is important, getting the right pH for your hair will also enable it to thrive. Pollution, hair products and other such bad products can damage your hair and make it dry and dull.

Did you also know that imbalanced pH can also cause unwanted microbial growth on your scalp?

Well, not to worry we will list certain natural methods that can balance the pH of your hair. Keep reading to know how you can get the perfect hair.

Firstly, what is the pH of hair?

Your hair starting from your scalp to the hair shaft have different pH level, yes you heard us right it all different pH levels. The pH level of your hair shaft is 3.67 and your scalp is 5.5. Optimum pH levels are crucial for healthy hair. Bases on the pH level we can categorize substances as acidic (pH below 7), neutral (pH of 7) and basic or alkaline (pH above 7).

So, why does the pH of your hair really matter?

The required pH level of hair is acidic. An acidic hair regulates microbial growth and sebum production. Disruption of this pH level can lead to decreased moisture in your hair and imbalanced sebum production. Leading to dry and brittle hair. You should also be wary of the hair care products you use after washing your hair, they can also disrupt the pH balance of your hair.

  • Did you know that alkaline shampoos increase the negative charge on your hair strands? Yes, they do. They make the hair cuticles swell up and cause them to open, leading to frizzy hair. Such shampoos are not good for your hair and can lead to hair damage and breakage.

  • Also, an acidic pH balances the growth of bacteria on the scalp. So, products which alkaline pH can trigger microbial overgrowth and lead to scalp infections, clogged hair follicles and itchiness.

  • So, what does alkaline hair look like, well its dry, flaky and itchy. It disrupts your natural sebum protection that protect your hair from external environmental factors.

  • Products with alkaline are bleaches and dyes. So, take extra careful of your hair when using these products. They upset the natural pH of your hair and damage your hair cuticles.

So, keep a look out for hair products that balance the pH level of your hair. They help gently cleanse you scalp, get rid of build and dead skin cells without removing the essential moisture that your hair needs. They also help in balancing the pH of your hair and keep it smooth, shiny and healthy.

How to assess the pH level of your hair?

Before you opt for any hair treatment for hair product it is important to understand the pH level of your hair. There are numerous conditions that can tell you the pH level of your hair.

  • First of, if your scalp is dry, flaky or itchy then you have problems with eczema, fungi or bacteria. Then this means that your scalp and hair are very alkaline and the products you are using has a high pH level i.e., above 7. What’s worse is that this product is stripping away the natural acidic sebum that helps fight bacteria. Shampoos with lower pH may cause less fizziness and breakage. This is why you should choose a shampoo with a lower pH as a safe bet.

  • If you have coloured hair or dyed hair make sure that before you color or dye your hair it is treated with a highly alkaline substance to change the hair cuticles. Following which it is neutralized with a highly acidic substance to flatten the cuticle again.

  • If you have curly hair it means that your cuticles are already slightly open so you need to ensure that your hair has acidic pH level. This is so that the open cuticles prevent the naturally acidic sebum from keeping the entire hair at a pH level of 4.5 to 5.5. Hair pH level should be between 6 to 7 not lesser than 6 or above 7.

  • If you have naturally straight hair then you should use hair products that are pH balanced. The good thing is that you do not need extra products. The sebum moves through your hair, creating a natural protection and pH balance for your entire hair.

If you have tried all the products out there and still cannot find the answer then here are some natural ways to balance the pH of your hair.

Aloe Vera Juice Rinse

Apply aloe vera gel to your hair and rinse it with warm water. If you want you can also add a few drops of coconut oil to the aloe vera gel, if you have dry hair. This rinse is good in closing the cuticles and removing frizz.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar has a pH of 3. Hence, it is important to dilute it with water before using. Use the diluted mixture of your hair strands to balance the pH.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

For this you will need

· One cup of aloe vera juice

· 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

· 1 teaspoon of honey

· Water


· Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

· Apply the mixture to your hair by distributing it evenly along the hair length. Divide your hair into sections for proper coverage.

· You can also apply this mixture to your scalp to reduce dandruff. Massage gently with your fingertips in slow, circular motions.

· Leave this mask on for 20 minutes.

· Shampoo and condition as usual. Use lukewarm water.

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